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Vanity Black Semibowl 8"

IDR 135.000  

Black Clarity Square Sharing Plate 6"

IDR 80.000  

Black Clarity Square Dinner Plate 10"

IDR 155.000  

Black Clarity Square Salad Plate 8"

IDR 110.000  

8 inches Beverage Mixing Spoon Black

IDR 30.000  

8 inches Beverage Mixing Fork Black

IDR 30.000  

8 inches Serving Spoon Black

IDR 65.000  

Lead Black Chopsticks

IDR 50.000  

Novel Black Table Knife

IDR 60.000  

Novel Black Table Fork

IDR 60.000  

Novel Black Table Spoon

IDR 60.000  

Novel Black Tea Spoon

IDR 30.000  

Novel Black Chopsticks

IDR 50.000  

Black Marble Silver Table Knife

IDR 60.000  

Black Marble Silver Table Fork

IDR 60.000   -5%
IDR 57.000

Black Marble Silver Table Spoon

IDR 60.000