Our Story

Other than the passion in growing something, we often find it hard to come up with answers when people tried to take a peek at our story. We are not pottery artists, just curious, different but like- minded friends who saw an opportunity and decided to take a step forward. We enjoy climbing up from the bottom and gladly welcome the challenges along the road. Our interest in potteries, particularly tableware items was in fact, pretty new. The whole idea initially happened in a dine-out at a local restaurant. Food was served on fantastic looking plates it was stunning and left a lasting image in our minds. We had a new experience and a question we keep asking ourselves. Just why do the plates have so much impact?

Good food on good plate

We get it. Taste should be number one but what most people don’t realize is that we eat with our eyes first. The presentation, the manner in which a dish is served will either appeal your diners or turn off their appetite. We made a clear point to present you only the best masterpiece, authentic design-wise with excellent functionality and durability that complement every setting because we believe it’s only fitting that good food be served on good plate.

From you, for you

In our heart, brewsuniq.com will forever be a reward, bestowed upon us by various culinary based establishments, chefs, food enthusiasts and other affiliated clients with the same vision and have been supporting us thoroughly during our campaign in encouraging food presentation. This is without a doubt, our greatest innovation on how we can continue to better serve and supply you with the finest pieces of tableware products.