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Cloudy Blue Cutleries Set

SKU: CUT0154

IDR 220.000 -5%

IDR 210.000

Set item consists of : 1pc Cloudy Blue Table Spoon + 1pc Cloudy Blue Table Fork + 1pc Cloudy Blue Table Knife + 1pc Cloudy Blue Chopsticks + 1pc Cloudy Blue Tea Spoon

Experience how a quality set of Cutleries can transform the mood at the table. Check out our new Cloudy Blue Cutleries line that completely overwrites the definition of modern dining utensils.

Surface : Glossy
Material : Stainless-steel
Use & Care :
  • Scouring pads should not be used
  • Dishwasher safe; avoid citrus-scented detergents

Shipping Weight : 500g

Only 3 left in stock!

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