Chef Headwear Sushi Chef Hat

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What you wear on your head could make a difference in how you look. Choose from amongst our variety of chefs' headwear, constructed with details to help you find both comfort and style at the same time.

Products Info :

1. Chef Hat;

2. To maintain cleanliness, especially avoid and keep the hair from falling into food, also absorb sweat on the forehead or interfere with the cooking process;

3. Each type of chef hat shows the position and specialization of a chef in the kitchen, Japanese Sushi Chef Hat as the name implies commonly used by Japanese chefs sushi specialist;

4. Comes with a rope behind a hat that serves to tie the chef's hair;

5. Material: Cotton Oxford

Measurement :

Hats Height: 15cm (adjust head shape);


Head Circle: 52cm (connect to rope for hair tie, adjustable);


Length of hair tie: 34 cm x 2 = 68 cm

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