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Berry Pink Cutleries Set

SKU: CUT0151

IDR 220.000

Set item consists of : 1pc Berry Pink Table Spoon + 1pc Berry Pink Table Fork + 1pc Berry Pink Table Knife + 1pc Berry Pink Chopsticks + 1pc Berry Pink Tea Spoon

Ladies, we understand the colours you prefer and are trying to show more favours towards you as can be seen from this new Berry Pink colour. This is something you'll be using everyday, and you'll be glad about how it's comfortable in the hands as it does on the eyes. 

Surface : Glossy
Material : Stainless-steel
Use & Care :
  • Scouring pads should not be used
  • Dishwasher safe; avoid citrus-scented detergents

Shipping Weight : 500g

Only 3 left in stock!

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