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Jati Wooden Rectangular Serving Board 25 x18cm

IDR 165.000  

Jati Wooden Oval Serving Board 28 x 26cm

IDR 225.000  

Jati Wooden Serving Board W Handle 30 x 16.5cm

IDR 155.000  

Jati Wooden Oval Serving Board 30 x 17.5cm

IDR 165.000  

Mahoni Wooden Coaster Round 13cm

IDR 65.000  

Jati Wooden Coaster Round 10cm

IDR 45.000  

Jati Wooden Serving Tray Rectangular 15x24cm

IDR 150.000  

Jati Wooden Medium Serving Board Rectangular 13x24cm

IDR 130.000  

Jati Wooden Large Serving Board Rectangular 17x28cm

IDR 180.000  

Jati Wooden Coaster Rectangular 12x16cm

IDR 85.000  

Jati Wooden Coaster Rectangular 12x25cm

IDR 85.000