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Teak Wooden Serving Board W Handle 40 x 15.5cm

IDR 135.000  

Teak Wooden Rectangular Board 25 x 18cm

IDR 115.000  

Teak Wooden Rectangular Serving Board 28.7 x 23.5cm

IDR 150.000  

Teak Wooden Medium Serving Board Rectangular 24 x 13cm

IDR 100.000  

Teak Wooden Large Serving Board Rectangular 27.6 x 17cm

IDR 135.000  

Teak Wooden Serving Plate Rectangular 17 x 25cm

IDR 95.000  

Teak Wooden Coaster Round 13cm

IDR 65.000  

Teak Wooden Coaster Rectangular 12 x 16cm

IDR 85.000  

Teak Large Wooden Bowl 34cm

IDR 245.000  

Teak Serving Board W Handle 39.5 x 16.5cm

IDR 135.000  

Teak Wooden Pizza Tray Round 25cm

IDR 135.000  

Teak Wooden Coffee Tray 25.7cm x 12cm

IDR 90.000  

Wooden Jati Tissue Container 24.5x15x11cm

IDR 235.000  

Mahoni Wooden Half Circular Bamboo Dish 7x30cm

IDR 110.000  

Wooden Table Tent

IDR 85.000  

Jati Wooden Serving Board 35 x 19cm

IDR 195.000