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Bar & Coffee Utilities



Glass Coffee Server w Wooden Handle

IDR 305.000  

Japanese Style Glass Coffee Server

IDR 165.000  

Glass Coffee Serving Pot

IDR 150.000  

Classic Glass Coffee Server

IDR 205.000   -2%
IDR 200.000

V60 Striped Glass Coffee Dripper

IDR 145.000   -3%
IDR 140.000

V60 Strawberry Glass Coffee Dripper Olive Wood

IDR 145.000  

V60 Funnel Glass Coffee Dripper

IDR 100.000   -5%
IDR 95.000

Glass Cold Brew Coffee Maker 1L

IDR 440.000  

Multipurpose Glass Beverage Carafe

IDR 300.000  

Oval 3-pieces Cocktail Shaker 500ml Black

IDR 365.000  

Oval 3-pieces Cocktail Shaker 500ml Gold

IDR 365.000   -5%
IDR 345.000

Euro Oneside Jigger 75ml Silver

IDR 105.000  

Bar Bottle Pourer Steel

IDR 40.000  

Acrylic Ice Bucket Amber

IDR 80.000  

Acrylic Ice Bucket Purple

IDR 80.000  

Acrylic Ice Bucket Blue

IDR 80.000