Chapelle Long Sleeves Beige Chef Coat (S)

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Other variants:

(M) (L) (XL)

Working with culinary experts has taken our new Chefwear line-up to a whole new heights. Thanks to their priceless inputs and persistent attempts by our craftsmen, we've come up with different designs and even incorporated technology to our new Chef Coats. Experience first hand the Cool Vent features in some of our latest apparels.

Products Info :

1. Chef outfit;

2. Double-layer design with long sleeve conforming to the standard of chef outfit;

3. Made with thick fabric to protect the body from heat of fire, food ingredients, or hot oil that can harm the skin.;

4. Suitable for all chefs, chef's assistant, including barista, bread maker, and also housewives;

5. Material : Cotton Oxford

Measurement :

(S)Length : 73.75 cm; Chest Width : 54.5 cm; Arm Length : 58.5 cm; Shoulder Width : 45 cm;


(M)Length : 74.5 cm; Chest Width : 56.5 cm; Arm Length : 59.5 cm; Shoulder Width : 46 cm;


(L)Length : 76 cm; Chest Width : 58.5 cm; Arm Length : 60.5 cm; Shoulder Width : 47 cm;


(XL)Length : 77.5 cm; Chest Width : 60.5 cm; Arm Length : 61.5 cm; Shoulder Width : 48 cm;

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