Instructions for Safety Packaging

*Re-using the packaging materials when you first received the goods is recommended.
  1. Each pieces of products need to be wrapped tightly in polyethylene roll/bubble wrap. Wrap in 2 to 3 thick rolls for extra safety. Apply tape where necessary
  2. Ensure the edges of the product is well covered as these are the parts that are most prone to damages
  3. Insert a layer (thick newspaper/carton) in between each products so as to prevent the items from bumping against each other
  4. It is important to choose the right size of box (not too big nor too small) so as to eliminate unnecessary spaces once the goods are put inside. Place styrofoam (or thick cartons) on all six sides of the box to minimize impact
  5. Put wrapped items into your shipping box. You want to keep the inside of the box solid, without free spaces by inserting crushed newspapers, styrofoam and cartons until it is impossible for the goods to move inside the box.
  6. Close the box and finely tape the upper and bottom sides of the box
  7. Please notify the delivery courier (JNE) to include Wooden Packaging (Packing Kayu) and Fragile Label
  8. Type of service is JTR (Overland Route / Via Darat)

Product Care

We strive to maintain the quality of our products. Please be aware though, that some items may be more fragile than others and special handling/treatment is necessary to preserve its well condition and functionality:

  1. Do not place over direct heat
  2. Placing in oven for heat cooking is not recommended
  3. Products with crack motifs and stone plates should not be used in microwaves