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Ukiyo Tea Cup 150ml - Red Stripes

SKU: MUG0163

IDR 80.000

One glance and you can almost picture yourself relaxing on a fine afternoon just enjoying yourself sipping warm Japanese tea. Yes, that is how much our Ukiyo Tea Cup can help you unwind. The best part comes in the design, with unique color varieties you'll find impressive and difficult to find. Thickness and weight of each cup is precisely calculated, enabling you to savor the best taste and aroma while appreciating the art of drinking tea.

*products surface may vary

Details & Dimensions :

Length/Width/Diameter 7cm

Height 7.5cm

Nett Weight 400g

Shipping Weight 600g

Surface : Matte
Material : Ceramic
Use & Care :
  • Microwavable.
  • Please refrain using the products with any drastic temperature changes.

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