Opal Half Long Apron White

SKU: CHW0041

IDR 45.000

More than just a cloth to cover you up, our assortment of aprons is a marriage between edgy fashion and great functionality. Perfectly fit for individuals who work without limit.

Product Info :

1. Apron;

2. The main function is to layers over one's outfit to protect clothes and skin from incidental stains and marks, it may also be worn for hygienic reasons and to protect from dangers such as excessive heat;

3. Equipped with one pocket for the chef to store various cooking utensils such as recipe notes, pen, hand phone, scissors, small spoon, and so on;

4. Suitable for use by all chefs, assistant chefs, including baristas, bakers, and also housewives;

5. Materials : a very easy to clean, to dry, and odorless Parachute Polyester.

Measurement :

Length : 64 cm;

Width : 70 cm;

Upper Strap Length : 48 cm;

Waist Strap Length : 52 cm x 2 = 104 cm;

Pocket Size : 26 cm x 20 cm

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