Handwoven Basket M - Angkor Weave

SKU: SB0023

IDR 175.000

Other variants:

Handwoven Basket L - Angkor Weave

Proudly handcrafted by Indonesian artisans with the best of locally sourced high-tier materials, our selection of plant based storage baskets add a nice warm touch to the room while keeping your space organized. You can count on these utility baskets to safekeep your laundry, groceries, daily readings, etc. Whenever you need extra space on the floor, simply nest the baskets on one another.

Product Description

Details :

  • Eceng Gondok + Rotan Sintetis
  • Indoor use only
  • Wipe clean with soft, dry cloth
  • Made in Indonesia

Handwoven Basket M - Angkor Weave

Length/Width/Diameter 30.5cm

Height 37.5cm

Nett Weight -

Shipping Weight 4500g

Handwoven Basket L - Angkor Weave

Length/Width/Diameter 34cm

Height 48cm

Nett Weight -

Shipping Weight 9000g

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