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Gothic Blue Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set


USD 51.52

Gothic Blue sets you on the right cooking mood. A quicklook on its unique navy blue visuals around the kitchen refreshes your mind for the next dish. A diverse range of functions means you can easily rely on the whole set to complete multiple tasks.

Net Weight : 1400g

Shipping Weight : 2000g

Surface : Matte
Material : Silicone
Use & Care :
  • Silicone can withstand heat up to 220c
  • Compatible with all cooking surfaces.

Only 10 left in stock!

Product Description

12 Products Included :

  • Silicone Soup Ladle
  • Silicone Flat Top Spatula
  • Silicone Frying Spatula
  • Silicone Scrapper Spatula
  • Kitchen Utensils Bucket
  • Silicone Shovel Spatula
  • Silicone Serving Spoon
  • Silicone Butter Brush
  • Silicone Slotted Spoon
  • Silicone Egg Beater
  • Silicone Spaghetti Server
  • Silicone Food Tong

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